The growing catfish industry needs a HUGE event in a FANTASTIC location... So we've teamed up with Bass Pro Shops, Ducks Unlimited, Legendary Angler Bill Dance, The Pursuit Channel's The MudbuMs, Pro-Anglers Glenn Flowers and GTO Fishing plus many more to bring you 2 DAYS of Catfishing Fun including an Angler Roundup, Vendor Booths, Seminars, Music, Food, and Games and the Greatest River Catfishing Tournament!  HIGH Payout, Awesome Prizes & MONSTER Live Weigh-In!


     Catfish grow to MONSTER size in the Mississippi River and tournament anglers know it!   The southern waters of the Mississippi easily delivers many 50+ pound cats.  So, what better place to hold the most promising catfish tournament in history than Memphis, Tennessee!


     George Young, Jr., the founder, has been fishing for catfish since he was big enough to get in a boat.  His relatives fished commercially, so he received hands-on knowledge of catfishing at a very early age.  Later, he began to focus only on sport fishing, competing in crappie and bass tournaments before getting caught up in the initial growth of tournament catfishing.  He has successfully fished Big Muddy for many years.


     Catfish are woven into the culture of America, and especially in the fabric of The South and the Mississippi River.  Big catfish, whether stories by Mark Twain, or modern-day hand-grabbing, or some outlandish Internet YouTube videos, or even on our plate with hushpuppies, are Americana. For these reasons people from all walks of life should find fascination with this tournament…especially when our tournament anglers catch and weigh-in Mississippi Monsters!






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